Therese Baptiste

BA Programme Director, Adjunct Professor, UBI Brussels


French, Dutch, English, German


Education Qualification

CVO (Belgium) - Nederlands (Level NT 2.3)

Doctoral Student - Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES),

University of West Indies (UWI)  (T&T)

MBA - University of British Columbia (UBC) (CANADA)

  • Strategy, Marketing & Information Technology

B.SC. - University of West Indies (UWI) (T&T)

  • Mathematics and Computer Science

Recent Professional Academic Experience

2020 - Present    United Business Institutes  

  • BA Programme Director

2019 - Present    United Business Institutes  

  • Adjunct Professor - Ethics & Personal Development

2016 - Present     Artevelede University College, Gent (Belgium) 

2016 - 2017  Vesalius College Adjunct Professor 

  • Adjunct Professor - Negotiations & Conflict Resolution

2006 - Present   United International Business Schools  

  • BBA- Business Writing, Business Behavior & Attitudes, Cases in Marketing Management, International Business, Managing Growth, Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Strategic Management

  • EMBA/MBA/MSc – Analyzing Marketing Opportunities, Change Management, Creative

2005 - Present  Febelfin Academy  

  • AML, MAR & MIFID Directives

Selected Publications

“Entrepreneurship and its Resultant Complexities in The Caribbean” at the 11th Annual Conference of The Sir Arthur Institute of Social and Economic Studies-Turmoil and Turbulence in Developing States: Going Beyond Survival-March 2010 [Joint paper with J. Lashley]

“Small Business Incubators and Public Policy – A Strategy for the Development of Small Business Enterprises in St. Vincent and the Grenadines?” at the 32nd Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship Conference at Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM - Nov 2009. [Joint paper with E. Phillips]

“Does Entrepreneurship Help Or Hinder THE SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY?” at the International Conference on Turtle Conservation, Ecotourism and Sustainable Community Development at UWI, St. Augustine, TRINIDAD-July 2009. [Joint paper with T. Brown]

“The Impact of Small Business Enterprises on the Economy of Trinidad & Tobago” at the 10th Annual SALISES Conference in UWI, Cavehill BARBADOS -March 2009. [Joint paper with W. Long]


“Lagging Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean” at The Caribbean Academy of Sciences 16th General Meeting & Biennial Conference Grand Anse, GRENADA –November 2008.[Joint paper with C. Permell] (More details )

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