Placement office

If you are planning to recruit BA and/or MBA graduates, you are invited to work with a dynamic, reliable and committed Placement and Career Office.

Having concrete experience of the recruitment and business world, we understand the challenges of the hiring process. This is why you may rely on receiving personal attention, prompt responses to your demands: we will only present you with selected curriculum vitae (résumés) and candidates.

Our students and alumni meet the high standards of education and experience needed in the current multinational business world.  Be it for an internship or for a full-time position, we are ready to assist you in all steps of your recruiting process. 


1. Internships
    - one-month internship (January) for BA students
    - summer internships for BA students (June - mid-September)

2. Part-time student jobs: part-time positions for students and alumni

3. Full-time positions for BA graduates or alumni with short working experience(s)

4. Full-time job (MBA graduates): full-time positions for experienced professionals.


1. Post a job: contact us by phone (02-548 04 80), send a job description by fax or email (vela(a), specifying whether the position concerns BA or MBA students, full-time or part-time openings.

You will get a confirmation by email that your announcement has been received and communicated.

Students are then given your job descriptions on their emails and are responsible for contacting the recruiter themselves.

A hard copy of your request will also be posted on the school's noticeboards.

2. Curriculum vitae (résumé) selection: at your request, we will select curriculum vitae from targeted students for you.

3. On-campus recruiting: we welcome on-campus recruitment activities and company information sessions. Please contact us for convenient scheduling.

4. Promote your company: advertise for your activities and vacancies by providing the Placement and Career Office with company literature, posters or flyers.

To submit your job descriptions, ask for feedback or comment a request, please contact:

Mrs. Vela PALIM
E-mail: vela(a)
Tel.: +32 (0)2 548 04 80