Most frequently asked questions about the BA (Hons.) Business Studies Programme.

1. Why is it advantageous to attend a BA ?

a. The BA Programme is a tested and effective programme. It is comprehensive, pragmatic, and allows for creativity. Its scope are very wide and every significant aspect of Business Life is taken into account.

b. A UBI BA Programme is international in its scope. It may often be better accepted in an international environment when compared to a local degree.

c. A UBI BA degree gives you the opportunity of studying abroad, if you wish to do so.

d. Since the language of teaching is English, and if you are not a native English speaker, you will have become perfectly fluent by the end of your course of study.

2. How can I be sure of the Program's quality?

United Business Institutes-Luxembourg and its Bachelor Degree in Business Studies are both officially accredited by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This implies that UBI-Luxembourg and the BA in Business Studies programme both meet the quality standards required by the “Special Committee for Accreditation”, an official body supervising Higher Education Institutions (State official regulation of 27.04.2011).

This programme is also quality assured and validated by Middlesex University London and students will be awarded a dual degree from both Middlesex University London and United Business Institutes - Luxembourg on successful completion.

3. What are my professional opportunities with such a degree?

A BA degree can lead you to any management position within a national or international company, be it in Europe or overseas. Employers know that you have been trained in all the important aspects of management, that you are or have become fluent in English, and that you "think" international.