UBI's Tuition Fees Policy contains the terms and conditions and arrangements for payment of tuition fees, refunds and other administrative fees.

All candidates should read and understand this policy before accepting a place at UBI.

Payment Policy & Penalties

The reservation down payment, tuition and administrative fees are to be paid in full by the due date stated on the invoice.

Registered students with an unpaid balance will not be allowed to progress to the next academic year/semester.

The first tuition reminder email will be sent out one week before the due date and the second reminder email will be sent out on the due date from our invoice system.

Students who are having difficulties in paying tuition should inform the school administration as soon as possible and settle for solutions to avoid any penalties. If the account remains unpaid 6 weeks after the semester start, UBI reserves the right to:

  1. Charge late fees and interest;

    • Each account will be charged a 50.00€ late fee every week on each consequent Monday the account is in arrears.

    • The late fee invoice will be issued by the end of each semester and students are expected to pay the late fee before the stated due day to avoid further penalties.

  2. Refuse student’s requests for a Registration Certificate for a visa or other external applications;

  3. Restrict the student’s access to student records including grades, transcripts, and diplomas/awards;

  4. Contact the student’s parents or financial sponsors and inform them of the outstanding payments;

  5. Suspend or withdraw the student from classes;

  6. Refer the debtor to an external debt collection agency.

Courses Deferral & Programme Withdrawal

Deferral means ceasing to study a module with the aim of returning to complete the studies of that module later.

Withdrawal means ceasing to study in the registered programme when students do not intend to resume study. For current programmes offered at UBI, it is not possible to withdraw from a module.

Tuition fee charges are determined on the basis of the status of enrolment and not actual attendance. It means that if a student stops attending without a written deferral or withdrawal application, they will be liable for tuition fees until the date at which they officially notify UBI or are withdrawn from the programme.

Deferral and withdrawal are free when student’s deferral and withdrawal applications are confirmed by the school administration before a complete semester start. Students will not receive the invoices for the following semesters or will not be registered until further notices to the contrary.

Students deciding to defer a course must notify the school administration of their decision in written form by the end of the week after mid-term exams. In case of any late or absent written notification of deferral of a course, a student shall be assumed to be in attendance, and subjected to attendance regulations and liability of course fees.

Once students receive confirmation of their deferral having been accepted and approved, they are no longer eligible to take the exams or submit any work for the deferred course, and they will not receive any credits for that course for the current semester.

If students plan to defer a course or withdraw from a programme after the semester starts, they may be liable for fees for that semester, depending on the submission date of the students’ withdrawal application.

  • If an application is received before the end of Week 6 of any semester, then students will be liable for the appropriate proportion of the fee based on how much of the semester they have attended. If students decide to defer or withdraw after Week 6 of any semester, students will be liable for fees for that semester.

  • After the withdrawal application is received, the student is no longer eligible to attend any class or to use any learning resource provided by UBI.


Please note:

All students on a full-time, three-year degree must complete the programme within a maximum of five years from the time of initial registration in order to qualify for the degree certificate.

International students should pay attention to the expiry date on their student visa and communicate in time with the school administrator for further assistance in visa applications.

Payment Plan Option

Based on the personal financial situation evaluation, if a student cannot afford to pay the whole semester tuition fees, she/he may be offered to participate in the UBI’s Payment Plan.

  • Only signed payment plan agreements are valid.

  • Administration fees apply.

  • Payment plans are intended for academic semester charges only.

  • On the invoice for students who are on the payment plan, the amount will be the total tuition of the semester, and the due date will be the last day of the semester. However, students ought to pay the vested amount in due course as stated in the signed payment plan agreement.

  • Students paying by instalments, who then defer their programme of study, must meet any shortfall between the full fee determined by UBI for the period of study undertaken and the total amount of the instalments already paid.

  • More related policies are detailed in the payment plan agreement.

  • It's the student’s responsibility to arrange and ensure that the funds to cover the tuition fees are paid into the school’s account before the due date for each invoice issued. If they are not, the overdue tuition fees will incur penalties, as outlined above.

  • Students should be aware that UBI is entitled to use all legal means to obtain payment and that students will be responsible for all costs associated with such actions.

  • Please note that bank charges (if any) are the responsibility of the remitter who will be expected to reimburse the shortfall.

  • Due to the potential delay in bank transactions, students may provide the payment transfer statements to the academic coordinators to avoid penalties.

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