Visa for Luxembourg


Obtaining a student visa for Luxembourg may take some time (up to three months or more). Therefore it is most advisable to apply up to 6 months in advance of the intake that you are applying to.

 For a February 2021 start, students will still need to secure a visa for a start 'in person' prior to the start of their programme (even if circumstances dictate that tuition will continue online closer to that time). 

Here are more details about the process:

A third-country national who wishes to come to Luxembourg for a period of more than 3 months for the purpose of study, must follow a procedure in 2 consecutive step

Step 1: before entering the country:

  • submit an application for a temporary authorisation to stay for up to 90 days to the Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs;

  • hold a passport with validity that extends for the duration of the course + at least 6 months;

  • for persons subject to visa requirements in order to enter Luxembourg: request a type D visa after having obtained the temporary authorisation to stay; with:

  • Proof that the student/their parents have sufficient financial income or support for at least 12 months (EUR 1 201 per month for an adult for 2019/20). Sufficient financial income/support must cover healthcare, living, study and accommodation costs as well as the cost of the return ticket. The amount needed for each month differs each year.  This sum will be paid to UBI, who will 'refund' the student each month the sum in euros, to spend on daily expenditures (accommodation, books, food, transport, social activities..)

  • a parental authorisation if the student is under 18;

  • a health insurance certificate covering illness in Luxembourg (travel insurance);

  • where necessary, a proxy.

Step 2: After entering the country:

  • make a declaration of arrival in the new commune of residence in Luxembourg (with original temporary authorisation to stay in the country, and valid proof of address);

  • have a colour photograph that adheres to passport photo specification (and be less than 6 months old) and two copies of the passport photo page;

  • undergo a medical check and have valid medical insurance for all Schengen countries (with minimal coverage for EUR 30 000);

  • pay the required visa fee and await news on when to collect it.

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