Dr. Beatrice Farkas

Adjunct Professor, UBI Brussels


English, Romanian

Education Qualification

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Ph.D., Economics, December 2009

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

M.S., Economics, May 2004

Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

B.S., Economics, specialization: Finance and Banking, July 2001

Recent Professional Academic Experience

2020 – present     Vesalius College Brussels

  • Adjunct Professor of Economics

2020 – present   United Business Institute- Brussels  

  • Adjunct Professor of Economics

2016 - 2018      Bard College Berlin 

  • Lecturer in Economics

2010 - 2015     The German Institute of Economic Research - DIW Berlin

  • Research Associate in Policy oriented researchAdvising and consulting on policies

2009 - 2010     Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York, USA:

  • Assistant Professor of Economics (tenure track) - academic research, teaching, committee service

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA:

  • Principles of Economics (B.Sc.), Fall 2004 - Spring 2006, Summer 2009

  • Principles of Macroeconomics (B.Sc.), Summer 2005 and Summer 2006

  • Principles of Microeconomics (B.Sc.), Fall 2006, Fall 2007 - Spring 2009

  • Used extensively online interactive instructional tools (Aplia, MyEconLab)

Selected Publications & Other Achievements

Policy oriented articles:

More Growth through Higher Investment”, DIW Economic Bulletin 8/2013 (Stefan Bach, Guido Baldi, Bjorn Bremer, Beatrice Farkas, Ferdinand Fichtner, Marcel Fratzscher, Martin Gornig)

Germany Must Invest More in Its Future”, DIW Economic Bulletin 8 / 2013 (S. Bach, G. Baldi, K. Bernoth, J. Blazejczak, B. Bremer, J. Diekmann, D. Edler, B. Farkas, F. Fichtner, M. Fratzscher, M. Gornig, C. Kemfert, U. Kunert, H. Link, K. Neuhoff, W.P. Schill)

Academic papers:

Appropriate Technology, Human Capital, and Development Accounting” (with Areendam Chanda, LSU), DIW Economic Bulletin nr.1236, August 2012

Absorptive Capacities and the Impact of FDI on Economic Growth”, DIW Economic Bulletin nr.1202, March 2012

Working papers:

“Multinationals Entry in a Model of Appropriate Human Capital and Economic Growth”

Predictive Ability of Systemic Risk Measures in the Insurance Industry“ (with Mihaela Craioveanu, UCMO)