Dr. Carmela Milano

Adjunct Professor, UBI Brussels


Italian, English, French

Education Qualification

Sep.  2012 - 2013               

Ph.D in Economics and Management - Solvay Brussels School of Economic and Management – CEBRIG Centre

  • Methodological courses – qualitative and quantitative technics, academic and writing seminars

Dec. 2009 - 2010               

Research Internship - Solvay Brussels School of Economic and Management – ARTketing Centre

  • Research and academic activities

Sep. 2000 - Mar. 2008    

Master in Economics and Management - Università degli Studi di Bari

  • Economics, Management, Finance, Accounting and Laws

Recent Professional Academic Experience

Sep. 2019 - Present       Business and Marketing Module Leader

SAE Institute Brussels

  • Teaching activities and responsibilities

Oct. 2011 - Present        PhD Candidate and Teaching Assistant in Marketing

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management - ULB

  • Organisation and research activities

Sep. 2015- 2017              Tutor Researcher

Solvay FinTech Marketing Hub

  • University-Business Project led by Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management (ULB)

Selected Publications & Other Achievements
  • Qualitative study (2013) published on January 2015 in the ENCATC Revue
    Milano C. (2014), "Democratization or vulgarization of cultural capital? The role of social networks in theaters’ audience behavior”. ENCATC Journal Of Cultural Management and Policy, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp. 46-56.

  • Quantitative (2016)* published on January 2018 in the Journal of Marketing Trends
    Milano C. and Rothenberger S. (2018), "Democratization or vulgarization - the impact of Facebook on cultural capital", Journal of Marketing Trends, Volume 5, Number 1, pp 129-144.