Dr. Randy Priem

Adjunct Professor, UBI Brussels


English, Dutch and French

Education Qualification

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Economics – Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)

Master of Science in Business Economics – Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)

Bachelor’s in business economics – Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)

Recent Professional Academic Experience

2021 – present:  Adjunct Professor of Finance - United Business Institute, Brussels (Belgium)

2019 – present: Guest Professor of Finance – Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven (Belgium)

2018 – present: Research Associate – Université Saint-Louis, Brussels (Belgium)

2018 – 2020: Non-executive Director of Sport en Gezondheid Dilbeek (Belgium)

2017 – 2020: Vice-chairman of the board of Cultuur en Samenleven Dilbeek (Belgium)

2013 – present: Financial Economist – Financial Services and Markets Authority, Brussels (Belgium)

2012-2012: Visiting Researcher Entrepreneurial Finance – Schulich School of Business, Toronto (Canada)

2010 – 2013: Faculty Board Member – Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Brussels (Belgium)

2010 – 2013: Doctoral Researcher – Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen, Brussels (Belgium)

Selected Publications & Other Achievements

Priem, R., Van, Rie, W. (2020). The Euribor and Eonia reform: Achieving regulatory compliance while protecting financial stability. International Journal of Business, Economics and Management. Vol 8(2), 50-69.

Priem, R. (2020). Asset segregation at CSDs: Protecting Investors with a level playing field. European Business Law Review. Vol 31(5), 763-976.

Priem, R. (2020). Distributed ledger technology for securities clearing and settlement: Benefits, risks, and regulatory implications. Financial Innovation. Vol 6, 1-25.

Priem, R. (2020). The ABCs of capitalism. Review of Political Economy. Vol 32 (3), 483-485

Priem, R. (2019). Capital Investment Policy. Acco Leuven. ISBN: 9789463797146

Priem, R. (2018). CCP recovery and resolution: Preventing a financial catastrophe. Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance. Vol 26(3), 351-364.

Priem, R., Huyghebaert, N. (2016). Syndication of European buyouts and its effects on target-firm performance. Journal of Applied Corporate Finance. Vol 28(4), 95-117.

Priem, R., Huyghebaert, N. (2015). How do lead financiers select their partners in buyout syndicates? Empirical results from buyout syndicates in Europe. European Management Review. Vol 12(4), 221-246.