Maja Micevska

Adjunct Professor, UBI Brussels


Macedonian, English, German, Dutch, French


Education Qualification

2002    Ph.D. in Economics - CLAREMONT GRADUATE UNIVERSITY, Claremont (United States)

1999    M.A. in Economics (1st in class) - CLAREMONT GRADUATE UNIVERSITY, Claremont (United States) 

1997    M.Sc. in Management - UNIVERSITY OF SKOPJE, Skopje (Macedonia)

1992    B.Sc. in Economics - UNIVERSITY OF SKOPJE, Skopje (Macedonia)

Recent Professional Academic Experience

01/2018–Present Adjunct Professor - VESALIUS COLLEGE, VUB, Brussels (Belgium)

  • Introduction to Statistics; Big Data

01/2011–Present Adjunct Professor - WEBSTER UNIVERSITY, Leiden (Netherlands)

  • Teaching: Applied Business Statistics; Managerial Economics (MBA courses); Applied Statistics and Research Methods; Migration, Poverty and Economic Development (graduate courses);

  • Introduction to Statistics; Advanced Statistics; Quantitative Methods; Information Analysis; Business Spreadsheets; History of Economic Thought (undergraduate courses)

  • Research: Project on migration as social protection

  • Other: Chairing the Program Committee of the Department of Business & Management; Chairing the IBMS Examination Board Committee

01/2013–01/2016 Researcher - UNIVERSITY OF AMSTERDAM (Netherlands)

  • Research: Project on the impact of social security contributions on earnings

  • Other: Supervision of MSc and BSc theses in Economics

02/2011–12/2012 Lecturer - UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ROOSEVELT, Middelburg (Netherlands)

  • Teaching: Methods and Statistics I; Methods and Statistics II; Microeconomics and Behavior; Industrial Organization

Selected Publications & Other Achievements

Research Grants

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Regional Research Promotion Grant

REG_MK_201: “Migration as Social Protection: Analysis of Macedonian, Albanian and Serbian

Remittance-Receiving Households,” August 2014 - August 2016, Academic Mentor.

Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, Open Research Area Grant ORA-464-11-091: “The

Impact of Social Security Contributions on Earnings: Evidence Using Administrative Data in France,

Germany, the Netherlands and the UK”, January 2013 - January 2016, Researcher.

European Commission, FP7 Grant HEALTH-2007-4.2-3: “An Inquiry into the Health and Safety at

Work: A European Union Perspective,” August 2008 - August 2011, Consortium Member.

European Commission, FP7 Grant ECFIN/D/2007/001: “The Adjustment Capacity to External Shocks

of EU Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries of the Western Balkans, with a Focus on Labour

Markets,” September 2007 - September 2008, Consortium Member.

Honours and awards

Brookings Research Fellowship, The Brookings Institution, 2000-2001

Haynes Social Science Dissertation Grant, 2000-2001

Claremont Graduate Student Council Research Award, 2000 and 2001

Humane Studies Fellowship, Institute for Humane Studies, 2000

Datatel Scholarship, Datatel Scholars Foundation, 2000

Institute of International Education Grant, 1999

Journal & Books

Bosch, N. and Micevska Scharf, M., 2017. “Who Bears the Burden of Social Security Contributions in

the Netherlands? Evidence from Dutch Administrative Data.” De Economist 165(2): 205-224.

Micevska Scharf, M. and Rahut, D.B., 2014. “Nonfarm Employment and Rural Welfare: Evidence from

the Himalayas.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 96(4): 1183-1197.

Van Dalen, H.P. and Micevska Scharf, M., 2014. “Reproductive Health Aid: A Delicate Balancing Act.”

In A. Kulczycki, ed., Critical Issues in Reproductive Health, The Springer Series on Demographic