Ulrich Penzkofer

Adjunct Professor, UBI Brussels


German, English

Education Qualification

The INSEAD Business School, Fontainbleau (France)  International Executive Management Course (Mini-MBA)

Hypo-Bank’s trainee program (Germany)

  • Main subjects are credit analysis, corporate and international finance.

Munich University Master in International Political Sciences

  • Main subject is International economics.

Munich University Undergraduate Studies in English and Political Science

Gymnasium Marquartstein (Germany) Abitur 

Recent Professional Academic Experience

2018 - Present Free University Brussels, Vesalius College, Belgium and United Business Institute

  • Adjunct Professor at Business and Economics Faculty

  • Giving courses on strategy, leadership, digitalization, entrepreneurship, finance and project management

2016 - Present CEO/Owner  UJP Consulting (Belgium)

  • Business or sector IT and M&A Consulting

2012 - 2016 The NRB Group (Belgium) CEO and Chairman of the Board of The NRB Group

2009 - 2011 SIEMENS AG Global Head of Sales Development

Selected Publications & Other Achievements