Mission Statement and Objectives
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Mission Statement and Objectives

The mission of United Business Institutes is to be a leading provider of the highest quality British-style professional undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate business education and training with a focus on international business and management that is interculturally informed and career oriented as well as a solid understanding of general education. Serving students from Belgium, Luxembourg and other countries around the world, United Business Institutes will teach its students the 21st century skills needed to be successful in contributing to economic and social development locally, regionally and internationally.

The objectives of United Business Institutes are to :

  • provide British-style business education to its students, thereby enhancing their ability to engage in international commerce and to contribute to workforce development;
  • enable students to contribute to global understanding and socioeconomic development by providing them with intercultural communication skills;
  • cultivate a stimulating learning environment in which international business practices are informed by the highest standards of scholarly theory and principles of ethical behaviour;
  • provide students with the attitudes, skills, and habits for lifelong learning and leadership roles in the global economy;
  • be a center of intellectual and practical excellence in the region, where teaching, internships, and practice are integrated.

The curriculum objectives of United Business Institutes programmes are :

  • provide students with the skills and conceptual frameworks that will guide their careers in the field of business;
  • provide students with the tools and practical experiences essential to a career in business;
  • develop students’ knowledge of central functions of management, marketing, finance, and information technology in a global economy;
  • enhance students’ appreciation of the ethical and legal environment of business

The Cross-Cultural Awareness component of the curriculum :

  • enhances students’ sensitivity to the impact of cultural differences in the workplace and management effectiveness
  • helps students examine their own cultural assumptions about management and work style and practices
  • develops students’ intercultural communication skills

The achievement of equality of opportunities and inclusion is paramount to UBI. Our aim is to foster and develop a wide range of skills and experience which cannot be found within any single group of students or staff. In the pursuit of our aims we seek to create a community in which diversity is valued and which both reflects and services the needs of the wider international community in which we operate.

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