2021/22 - Academic Calendar and Professional Internship

BA 2

In the second year, students are obviously not expected to be in a position of high responsibility. The major goal of the Internship program for second-year students is to help them develop networking skills, understand the working mentality (practices and goals), communicate effectively within a professional environment, and mostly help them better define what area of business they are most attracted to. After completing their internship, students will be asked to turn in a report on both the Company and their own responsibilities. This report should not focus on any specific aspect in particular but should provide a general understanding of the environment they were in.


BA 3

For the last year, students are expected to be in charge of a specific aspect of the business they will be part of, for the duration of the internship. They will be able to build on the foundation previously acquired, and grow to positions of measurable significance. The Internship report should be an in-depth study of a particular aspect of the business they were in. This aspect should be very closely related to a course subject (e.g. Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Management, etc.), and examined from the Company perspective. This report should lead to precise and well-structured conclusions, in the spirit of an actual “audit”.



UBI students are to secure a minimum of one internship (traineeship) in the second and third years, with a company or corporation of their choice, regardless of its location. Remuneration arrangements – if any – are made according to the company policy.


This internship programme helps students to get acquainted with actual business management aspects, in a real-life company environment. It is difficult for UBI to define most accurately what the expected relationship between the student and the corporation should be, because of the very large variety of possible conditions and settings; nevertheless, the student is required to help in any suggested “mission” the Company deems adequate, the student’s task should involve a degree of responsibility-no matter how small at first, and finally, the student is expected to conform in every possible way to the Company practices.


The student’s performance is evaluated by the company representative on a document to be handed by the student and to be returned to the School. This evaluation becomes an integral part of the student’s official academic record.

Student Life