The Bachelor (Hons) Business Studies programme offers an internationally oriented and future-proof curriculum. Our students are exposed to a thoughtfully selected range of business topics that relate closely to the demands of the global economy, which includes 21st-century concerns such as digitalisation, sustainability, and ethical approaches to our real-world problems. Both classical and modern case-studies will be explored to guide our students through the evolution of business practices. Our classes are small and progression fully supported from day one.

Located in the heart of Europe, we provide our students with an opportunity to immerse themselves into the affairs of the European Union, European Parliament and other European institutions by offering them possibilities of visits to these institutions as part of the study programme. Our students also have a chance to visit the HQ of international organisations, and opt-in for an immersion programme at our satellite campus in China. This trip gives our programme the ultimate international edge.

This programme is quality assured by Middlesex University and you will receive a Middlesex award on successful completion.

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The present environment of business and management is evolving rapidly at the local and international level and at the organisational level. The environmental changes affecting managers and their decisions include:

A) the opening of a truly global market and the emergence of new sources of competition;

B) technological developments in information, production, and distribution systems;

C) changing financial markets;

D) relaxed attitudes towards risk-taking, shifting managerial decisions and action towards short-term results, and

E) new sets of values affecting career and life planning.

The challenges facing today’s managers are huge and these challenges will grow more demanding in the future. United Business Institutes prepare young men and women for careers characterised by growing change, competition and uncertainty. We give our graduates intellectual and professional “vision”, as well as the essential skills for analysing and solving a wide variety of “real-life” problems.

Students receive a strong foundation of basic concepts and analytical techniques in accounting, finance, management, marketing, and communication. Students learn to understand business situations within a broad context and to use this knowledge to design rational and creative solutions. Problems, cases, and simulations expose students to actual situations in which the student has to make managerial decisions. Although the Bachelor's Programme prepares students for employment after graduation, the primary goal of a UNITED BUSINESS INSTITUTES education is to prepare the graduate to deal with a lifetime of intellectual and professional evolution. A continuing effort is made to stimulate the students in reaching their full potential, and the positive values of ambition and leadership are constantly stressed.

A manager’s toolbox must be filled with communication skills, mathematical abilities, economic theories, accounting techniques, marketing strategies, financial understandings, legal perceptions, and organisational methods. This leads to a demanding curriculum in both rigour and breadth. But the end result is a stimulating atmosphere in which the student learns to take pride in his or her achievements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why study the BBS Programme at UBI?

  • The BBS Programme is a tested and effective programme. It is comprehensive, pragmatic, and allows for creativity. The scope of our syllabus is wide and covers the most significant aspects of business and management.

  • Our BBS degree is internationally recognised and gives you the opportunity of furthering your studies abroad if you wish to do so.

  • Since the language of teaching is English, and if you are not a native English speaker, you will be highly proficient in the language by the end of your course of study.

  • Our tuition fees are the same for all students. It means that we waive the additional fees that normally apply for students who come from a country outside the EU.

What is the typical learning experience for a UBI BBS student?

  • Our lessons are a combination of lectures, active discussions, student collaboration and structured research. We keep our classes small, engaging and stimulating.

  • Our student-centred approach to learning ensures that your learning plans are individualised.

  • We partner with local and overseas institutions to provide our students with internship programmes that mirror the actual challenges of the business world.

  • Students from our Brussels and Luxembourg campuses also have the opportunity to study abroad for a short period at our satellite campus in Shanghai, or at Middlesex University, London.

  • To ease your transition into the professional or entrepreneurial life, we engage with external partners to provide seminars and workshops that go beyond what is typically taught in business textbooks.

What are the professional opportunities upon graduation?

Our BA (Hons) Business Studies degree opens doors to a range of business, consultancy or management opportunities within both local and multi-national companies. The breadth of our BA programme ensures that you will be adequately equipped with fundamental skill-sets that employers value today. The depth of knowledge you acquire from our specialisation in digitalisation and innovation will give you a strong edge on the job market.

May I come to one of your campuses as an exchange student?

Yes. We would love to  hear from your institution abroad, to establish a formal partnership allowing you to study here in Belgium. If the modules/courses we offer match those you would study at home,  we can create an equivalence in ECTS credits for one semester, or one year of study. Please contact us for more information on a possible exchange with UBI.

Can you help me settle in to my new environment and foreign country?

Of course. We will make sure you are comfortable with any aspect of your life as an applicant and a student. You may contact us at any stage for help. In addition, it may be useful to consult this website for more information on this new, exciting stage of your life:

UBI is committed to providing you with the highest standards of quality.

UBI-Brussels is a registered and a well-recognised Institute of Higher Education in Belgium since 1992.


Taught in Brussels by UBI, this programme is quality assured and validated by Middlesex University London,

and students will be awarded a Middlesex University London degree on successful completion.

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