2020/21 Application Checklist

Candidates are assessed holistically and the main objective of the process is to admit candidates that can bring individual contributions to the cohort while at the same time widen the diversity to enhance participation and mutual learning among participants.

The complete application package should be sent/submitted to UBI in order to start the admission process. To better prepare and complete the application form, applicants should have the following files ready to submit:

  • Scan copy of passport

  • Clear profile picture of the applicant

  • CV

  • Secondary school/high school diploma and breakdown of individual subjects and grades (in English or French). Copies should be authenticated/notarised

  • Two 250-word essays:
    - Personal statement: a critical analysis of the programme’s potential contribution to the applicant’s personal and professional development;
    - Professional statement: the admission office provides the guidelines for the interview at the time of the invitation

  • Proof of command of the ‘English Language Entry Requirements’ stated below.


  • Admission to UBI is selective and holistic. The Admissions Committee takes into account a student’s academic history, examination results as well as extra-curricular records and the quality of the admission essay in assessing his/her suitability for the programme.

  • Admission, or rejection of the application, is dependent upon approval of the Admissions Committee on the basis of the application file.

  • In the case of rejection, no appeal is possible.

Language of Administration and Language of Instruction


The language of administration and the language of instruction at UBI is English. The only exceptions are for specific language courses.

Those who are not native speakers, or who have not studied for a diploma of secondary education in English should follow the English language entry requirements below:

English Language Entry Requirements

Students must have competence in the English language and UBI requires:

  • Grade C in GCSE or an equivalent qualification.

  • The most common English Language requirements for international students are IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL internet-based 72.

  • Other equivalent qualifications may be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Admissions Committee.