Strategic Innovation for Startups

Level: Graduate +

Price: € 270 for the full 12 hours tuition,

UBI Certification on completion

In this course students will study interactively a range of topics in the area of strategic innovation.  This extends from idea generation to finding business opportunities through feasibility/business plan preparation and product development to business creation. The course aims at enhancing the students’ understanding of the innovation process as well as the special spirit and characteristics that innovators must demonstrate for success. 



The course is based on material drawn from the Hisrich “Entrepreneurship” textbook enhanced with cases drawn from the real business world and from the professor’s own innovation experiences. The course will be delivered virtually via the “” platform. A Socratic teaching style is employed; in “virtual” class interchange of experiences and discussions of realistic innovation problems form an integral part of the course. Students are required to attend all classes, to participate in discussions and to turn in written assignments on time.  Students get the opportunity to apply the concepts learned in class to prepare a feasibility and/or mini-business plan.  


Session 1

  • Overview of innovation process & innovator psychological profile

Session 2

  • Identifying strategically lucrative markets and business opportunities

Session 3

  • Product development from idea through prototyping to product launch

Session 4

  • How to prepare a feasibility study/mini-Business Plan

Operational Innovation and Value Chain

Level: Graduate +

Price: € 270 for the full 12 hours tuition,

UBI Certification on completion

This module is designed to develop the capability of participants to engage with the wide range of issues reflected in this module and apply to the knowledge gained in other modules.


Session 1

  • Why Operations Management

  • Operations vs. Projects

  • The essence of Operations Management

  • Products and Services

  • Evolution of Operations Management

  • In Class Activity

Session 2

  • Innovation in Operations

  • Design of Products and Services

  • Design approaches

  • Operations and Sustainability

  • In Class Activity

Session 3

  • The importance of Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing Processes and Facility Layout

  • Service Processes

  • The Supply Chain

  • In Class Activity

Session 4

  • Design and Quality

  • Process Design and Analysis

  • Six Sigma Quality

  • Statistical Quality Control

  • International Operations

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