David Lannoy has a vast experience in Risk Management gained in 20 years of working in various sectors of industry such as transport, finance, telecommunication and life sciences.

His achievements include:

• bringing operational risk management and business continuity to a higher maturity level in financial companies;

• developing an Enterprise Risk Management approach in a technology firm providing payment services and in a leading life sciences company;

• implementing internal control frameworks for the public sector.


He holds a Master degree in Political Sciences and advanced degrees from high-profile Risk Management courses at several well-ranked business schools (Vlerick Business School, EDHEC and HEC Geneva) and he is a doctoral research candidate in the field of Enterprise Risk Management.


He has been admitted to join The Institute of Risk Management in London as a Specialist Member and Chairman of the Belgium & Luxembourg regional group. He has also become a Certified ISO 31000 Risk Manager Certified Internal Control, Professional. 


He is a regular guest lecturer at the HEG Geneva School of Business Administration (Switzerland), the Solvay Brussels School (Belgium), IESEG School of Management (France), Zagreb School of Economics and Management (Croatia) and Skolkovo Moscow School of Management (Russia). He also teaches risk management and internal control at the European Commission and its agencies.


His creativity and ability to communicate complex matters makes him a sought after speaker and trainer for every audience.


Trainer average rating                 In-Company: 9,2/10

                                                        Executive Education: 9,6/10

                                                        Academic Education: 9,2/10

                                                        Euromoney Learning Solutions: 9/10

What past students say


“I must say that for the first time ever it has been presented interestingly and by a knowledgeable trainer”

                                                                                                            ----  Operations Manager - Latvia

“The trainer took the time to answer our questions and everyone was involved in the course”

                                                                                                            ---- Financial Risk Analyst - Latvia

“The trainer used relevant examples and support to make risk topic practical”

                                                                                                            ---- Financial Director - Philippines

“The trainer provided us new insights to connect risk management with our business practices”

                                                                                                            ---- IT Manager - Zagreb

“Very clear and positive manner to approach risk management”

                                                                                                            ---- Risk Manager - Moscow