Replacement Transcripts

An academic transcript is an official document, summarising the courses, assessments, credits and degree awarded to a UBI student. A copy may be printed and officially stamped on transcript paper, which is branded and printed with the UBI logo.

The official transcript can be used to demonstrate a student's qualifications or study progress. It can be used when applying for a job or support applications for scholarships or further study.

For Current Students

You will get a free hard copy of your official transcript upon graduation. 

Students can request to print out their unofficial transcript (without official letterhead and stamp) for free.


Confirmation of Enrolment

A Letter of Enrolment is an official letter confirming current or prior enrolment at UBI. Students can request an official letter confirming their enrolment status for health insurance, student loan deferment, or credit purposes.

It is printed and stamped on UBI official letter paper, and it includes: 

  • Full name

  • Student ID

  • Date of birth

  • Programme name

  • Mode of attendance (full time, part-time)

  • Enrolment dates

  • Completion date

Please note that Official Confirmation of Current Enrolment Letters can only be issued to students whose tuition fees have been paid in full. 

Please write your request to us by email at with the email title "Student Name_Request_Transcript", and indicate your full name, year of graduation, programme name and a copy of your national ID / Passport.  Our student Administration will arrange for a copy of your transcript to be sent to your assigned address.


For Alumni or Former Students

For Universities and Education Institutions

Please write a request email to with the email title "Student Name_Company Name_Request_Transcript".  Student Administration will arrange for a copy of the student's transcript to be sent to your assigned address after examining the official request files from your institution.

Payment & Processing Time

Once your request is confirmed, we will verify the information provided in the email and reply to you with an invoice and payment instructions. It usually takes 5 business days to receive our invoice and the official files will be sent out within a further 5 business days from when payment is received.

  • The payment will be non-refundable once the academic transcript has been sent (digital or hard copy).

  • All documents are sent by express post, so a physical address is requested

  • Administration fee applies, and postage costs are charged to each delivery address.

  • In-person pick-up is available. Please make an appointment with our academic administrators prior to your visit (at