Europe is one of the largest world trading partners with access to 600 million consumers and enormous accelerating growth potential. Brussels, as the central hub of European decision making,  is the perfect place to visit and to understand the state of European affairs. 


This course will help you gain immersive experience and further enrich your knowledge, business competences and strong social networks within the European context. The course is divided into 4 weeks, and during each week, one leading professor will guild you to investigate 4 distinct and important domains of business in Europe. 


This course is taught by UBI professional and academics specialised in their perspective fields. 

Week 1 - Understanding the Fundamentals by Prof. Amelia Neascu

  • Introduction 

  • Legal Method and Sources 

  • Constitutional Freedoms and Fundamental principles 

  • Freedom of Movement 

  • The External Dimension 

  • Visit European Commission  

Week 2 - Doing Business in Europe by Prof Alexandra Von Westernhagen

  • Making Business Transactions 

  • Establishing a Company 

  • Employing and Working in Europe 

  • Paying Taxes and Complying with Environmental Standards 

  • Resolving Cross-border Disputes 

  • Visit European Parliament 

Week 3 – Innovating in Europe 

  • Digital marketing  by Prof Giuseppe Bellia

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship by Prof Munira Aminova 

  • Blockchain technologies by Prof Ulrich Penzkofer 

  • Big data and Artificial Intelligence by Prof Ulrich Penzkofer 

  • Cyber Security by Prof Chris Henny 

  • Visit WeWork, co-working space and ICAB, and Business Incubators

Week 4 - Competing in Europe by Prof Alexandra Von Westernhagen 

  • Business culture: regional differences

  • Culture and different forms of communication  

  • Diversity as a competitive advantage

  • Leadership styles across borders 

  • Final presentations

  • Visit European Council 

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