Internship Programme


UBI BA programme has three internship modules, and they are the placement requirements for the Bachelor programme. Each year, the standards for the internship study outcome will be increasing and ensuring a smooth transformation of the student' role change from a student to a profession.


The internship provides an opportunity for the student to apply the knowledge and skills learned during the year of study. By working as an intern in an organisation or a business, the student has the chance to demonstrate to his/her immediate supervisor his/her ability to perform the assigned task and work with others under the prevailing conditions.


Courses and workshops will be provided in order to assist in developing personal and ethic skills needed for the workplace, and ease the internship journey from writing CV, interview, on-board and professional performance during the internship.

Objectives of internships 

On completion of the internship, the successful student is expected to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of business operations and actions taken by management;

  2. Develop increased knowledge of the specific field he/she worked in;

  3. Critique the sector and the company he/she worked in.



  • The internship should last a minimum of four weeks, working a 37.5 hour per week.

  • It is preferable and advisable that the internship be performed in English. 

  • The country where the internship takes place does not matter. 

  • Students will not be allowed to work in a family business and their supervisor cannot be a relative or a friend.

  • Students cannot work twice in the same company unless, exceptionally, with the Programme Director’s permission and provided it is in a different department.

  • During the internship, a UBI representative will contact the supervisor to review progress.


For more information on the Internship modules please see the module narrative in the Programme Handbook.

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