Applied Project Management

Level: Graduate +

Price: € 270 for the full 12 hours tuition,

UBI Certification on completion

This module is designed to develop the capability of participants to engage with the wide range of issues reflected in this module and apply to the knowledge gained in other modules.



Session 1:

  • Why Strategic Project Management

  • Projects vs Operations

  • Existing methodologies and standards

  • Project Elements & Constraints

  • Project Life Cycle

  • In Class Activity

Session 2:

  • Project Initiation

  • The Critical importance of Project Scope

  • How to define properly the Scope

  • In Class Activity

Session 3:

  • Project Planning

  • The WBS

  • The Gantt Chart

  • Resources Allocation

  • The different PM organisational structures

  • Risk Management

  • Quality Management

  • In Class Activity

Session 4:

  • Project Execution

  • Project Monitoring & Control

  • Project Closure

  • Post Project Audits and Lesson learned

Crisis Management/Crisis Communication

Level: Graduate +

Price: € 270 for the full 12 hours tuition,

UBI Certification on completion

Nowadays, more and more crises affect different sectors of the global society such as the corporate and organizational ones. Crises can seriously damage the image, credibility, financial situation, reputation, the life itself of a company or organisation. Therefore, it is crucial knowing how to deal with crises in an effective and professional way.

The objective of this course is to explain what crisis management and crisis communication mean, and how to treat crises in the business / organisational environment. Participants will be provided with a set of strategies for preventing, solving and learning from a crisis situation. The impact of the media in the context of the crisis management & crisis communication will be also highlighted.

Apart from a theoretical approach, discussions, practical examples and case studies will be conducted for emphasising constructive approaches and tactics in crisis management.



Topics covered:
  • Crisis Management vs Risk Management
  • Creating a Risk Vision
  • Developing a Crisis Management Team
  • The meaning and role of crisis communication
  • Building an efficient crisis communication strategy
  • Prioritising actions
  • Media Relations / Dealing with the media
  • Preparing press releases / holding statements
  • Organising press conferences
  • Getting your message across under pressure
  • Persuasion strategies
  • Brand Identity in Crises
  • Post-Crisis Evaluations / Recovering from a crisis
  • Discussions. Practical examples. Case studies. Simulations.