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The UBI MBA | Academic Year 2020/2021

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United Business Institutes Brussels offers a Master of Business Administration degree, preparing students for broader management responsibilities and for more specific assignments in business. Its goals are:

  1. To develop an understanding of the sociocultural, economic and political environments in order to reach a professional perspective beyond present responsibilities.

  2. To foster the ability to identify problems, obtain relevant data, design and evaluate alternative approaches, and implement the best choice's decision.

  3. To set up a basis for dealing effectively with others; to become aware of recent developments in behavioural sciences.

  4. To obtain an interdisciplinary understanding of fundamental concepts and principles from the various business disciplines.

  5. To encourage students to think broadly and to bridge all gaps between the theories and the actual practice of effective management.

Why do the UBI MBA programme? 
  • Due to the compact nature of our programme, your classes will be intensive, intellectually stimulating and rewarding

  • The coursework supports your research for a Business Transformation Project, which demands the creative and effective application of business knowledge to address organisational concerns

  • The programme is crafted to provide the broadest international experience. Learn and connect with students and alumni from over 50 countries in the world

  • The MBA is designed for professionals who already progressed beyond their entry-level job, so you can share a more relatable experience and examples with others in your class

  • UBI's campuses in Brussels, Luxembourg and Shanghai offer our MBA graduates extensive professional networks and an extra edge to connect business opportunities between Europe and Asia

  • Rated as one of the Top MBA programmes in Belgium by

What makes the UBI MBA stand out?
  • Flexibility: Students may attend the programme on a 1 or 2 years basis. Evening courses allow students to maintain a regular professional life (part-time basis), and day/evening classes can afford a quicker path to graduation (for those who choose to study full-time)

  • Location: UBI-Brussels is school-based in the very centre of arguably Europe’s most important city, both economically and politically. Its campus is a few metres away from the Royal Palace, easily accessible from public transport. Belgium is part of the Schengen Zone

  • Faculty: MBA professors have the highest qualifications and come from leading companies or institutions

  • Lifelong Learning: An exclusive feature at UBI: our MBA graduates are always welcome back to re-take any MBA course(s), at no charge, after any period of time, whenever they feel the need for it

  • Recognised programme: This programme is quality assured by Middlesex University and you will receive a Middlesex University award on successful completion

Will my MBA be recognised?
  • UBI-Brussels is a registered and a well-recognised Institute of Higher Education in Belgium since 1992

  • Taught in Brussels by UBI, this programme is quality assured and validated by Middlesex University London and students will be awarded a Middlesex University London degree on successful completion. The Diploma is recognised worldwide.

What is the typical student profile at the UBI MBA?
  • Students’ ages at the time of entry can range from mid 20s to late 40s, with an average age of 32

  • On average, students have had 3 to 15 years of work experience. They come from nearly everywhere in the world. This fact alone contributes substantially to the dynamic and stimulating context for study and interchange of ideas.

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