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2019 Brussels Week @ UBI Brussels

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Last week, we welcomed 35 Bachelor students from the Riga Stradins University, the FHNW School of Business, the Bremen University of Applied Sciences and United Business Institutes to Brussels. These outstanding business undergraduates participated in the "3D Europe Intensive Programme in Brussels". As a well-established business study tour of UBI's Global Immersion Programme, its main framework contains a full set of European business-related topics.

On the first day, they were welcomed at UBI by the team and given a speech by the Dean, Munira Aminova. On the same day, they visited the European Council of the European Union, where they attended a lecture about “The Council of the EU and the European Council - supporting EU business” hosted by Mr Xavier Thoreau, General secretariat of the Council of the European Union. Then, in the afternoon, they attended the“TED Style Talk - Public speaking skills” lecture, by the Curator of TEDeX Luxembourg, Mr Dirk Daenen, who has been an honoured UBI Alumni and a great professional speaker.

Students had a very packed schedule on the second day at our Brussels downtown campus where they received three important lectures: 1. "The EU policies for skills for the labour market” by Mrs Liga Baltina, member of Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini; 2. One important chapter of 2019 Lecture Series - "BREXIT: What the hell went wrong?" by Dr Herbert-Michael Zapf, professor of Economics, Strategic Management and International Business at UBI; 3. "Intelectual Property Rights" by Mr Valentin De Le Court, intellectual property and IT law expert. Then, in the afternoon, students went to visit the European Policy Center.

They visited, on the 3rd day, the European Committee of the Regions where they received an Introduction on The Internal Coordination Of The Institution by Mr Wolfgang Petzold, Deputy Head of Communication. Then, in the afternoon, they went to the European Commission, where three speakers delivered an interesting lecture about the European Institutions' Decision-making System & the EU Competition Policy. Students were all excited about entering the most important political EU building and were enthusiastic about the 'once in a lifetime' experience. They have learnt the EU integration process through concrete examples and through a detailed explanation about the roles of the different institutions.

The next day, they visited the European Parliament, which is also known as the “Citizen's voice in the EU”. The European Parliament members, one of the two decision-making bodies of the EU, are directly elected by the populations of the 28 Member States. The students were given a thorough explanation of the working scheme. In the evening, everyone enjoyed a pleasant dinner with all the participants in the heart of Brussels. Of course, we did not forget to enjoy the magnificent Brussels Grand Place in the city centre, as well as typical Brussels delicacies, such as the world-famous neverending choice of chocolate and an array of dazzling beers!

The 3D Europe Intensive Programme in Brussels offers a complete study tour into the European Union's institutions, its evolution, and current business-related issues through guided visits to the major institutions of the EU. The programme takes place twice a year, and during the trek, students visit Brussels, the key city of most European Union institutions and civil society organisations. Students will have the opportunity to engage with leaders from important EU’s administrative and political departments, such as the European Commission, Parliament, Court of Justice, and Central Bank, along with other European organisations such as NATO.

The programme is not merely a fruitful trip, but it also provides students with a full immersion experience of European history, culture, and political formation. It is a programme for proactive and independent candidates to explore their future career path into the EU.

For more information about the programme contact us at info@ubi.edu.

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