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A successful start to the new academic year 2020-21!

Updated: May 2

New students and returning students have now started another academic year at UBI and have been preparing for their first few online classes.

We welcomed the new BA class of 2023 on Friday 11th September in the morning, at both our Brussels and Luxembourg campuses and offered students a short introduction to student life for the next three years of their Bachelor programme.

In Brussels, we offered a hybrid orientation programme (students could attend either online or in person, depending on their location and preference) and in Luxembourg, the same repeated sessions were offered online.

All students listened to welcoming speeches by our Managing Director in China, the Deans of both campuses and our Programme Directors. Other subjects of discussion included an introduction to the academic and administrative team and the Brussels team organised a short game of 'guess who' to break the ice among the new first year students. We finished with a short lunch near our Brussels campus.

Our new MBA students were also introduced to the UBI 'family' in the afternoon, with similar speeches and presentations, in an attempt to familiarise them with the syllabus and upcoming work schedule.

We wish all our students and staff a successful new academic year 2020-2021!

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