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Alumni Lecture Series: Guillaume Jacobs

Updated: May 2

Guillaume Jacobs, a recent UBI graduate, finished our BA in Business Studies programme in 2017. While he is currently the EU Operations & Logistics Manager at Wheels (www.takewheels.com), his career path has taken a circuitous route. On 16 March, Guillaume returned (virtually) to speak with us and share what he’s learned since graduating from UBI.

Using personal anecdotes as examples, Guillaume touched on the importance of job experience when applying for work, learning from negative professional experiences, and reinventing yourself professionally. By transitioning his UBI internships into part-time jobs, he was already working and gaining professional experience while finishing his Bachelor’s degree. This professional experience later opened doors for him and helped him realise he really enjoyed working with small, start-up companies.

Guillaume worked as an operator for Take Eat Easy in Brussels, but unfortunately, the company went bankrupt only a few months after he started. Using the lessons learned there, he was able to do a similar job at Deliveroo. Upon graduation, he landed a job as Operations Coordinator for Uber in Brussels. In his role at Uber, he had the opportunity to initiate, plan, and execute large scale projects, including the UberCOPTER and UberTREES.

Despite thoroughly enjoying his position at Uber, Guillaume left his job to pursue a Masters in Innovation and Strategic Management at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, knowing that furthering his education was an investment in his future career. With his Masters in hand, he spent some time at Belfius as a Strategic Consultant which only emphasised how much he prefers to work for smaller, newer, more dynamic companies. This is why he chose to go back to Uber as an Operations Manager for Jump, the bike rental department of Uber. With the knowledge of the bike rental market he gained at Uber, he now works as Operations and Logistics Manager at Wheels, helping to establish the American company’s bike-sharing system in Brussels.

Guillaume has accomplished a lot in the short time since leaving UBI and graciously shared his expertise and experiences with our faculty and students during his presentation in our Alumni Lecture Series. He was well-prepared, genuine in his delivery, and open to discussing audience questions. He went above and beyond to connect with our faculty and students. We are thankful for his contributions to our school and wish him well in his professional and personal endeavours!

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