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Alumni Lecture Series: Sandeep Kulshrestha

Updated: May 20

Sandeep Kulshrestha graduated in 2012 from UBI's online MBA programme and is currently the HR Director for Rectangle Consulting. A lifelong learner, Sandeep has continued his pursuit of knowledge, particularly in the areas of human resources and positive psychology which he now teaches as a visiting professor at institutions like the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He is also a seasoned leadership coach and cofounded the International Institute of Positive Psychology to teach positive psychology and create awareness of the field through symposiums, seminars, and interactive sessions. Sandeep joined us virtually on 20 April, as part of our Alumni Lecture Series, to share ways we can develop a mindset focused on what works in our lives.

Sandeep discussed several types of mindsets and how you can arrive at the mindset of what works for you. He said some things to consider are what gives you meaning, what energises you, and what your strengths are. Figuring these out will help you improve your current mindset. Another way is to reflect on a time in your life when you were your best self. What were you doing then that you can reincorporate into your life now to help you be your best self again? Sandeep pointed out the benefits of journaling to keep a record of your accomplishments so you can savour your successes now, and in the future. In order to engage his audience even further, he gave participants time in break out rooms to discuss these concepts in small groups so they would also have a chance to express themselves.

We appreciate Sandeep’s willingness to share his passion for positive psychology with us and want to thank him for making the event such a success. He involved our faculty and students in his interactive presentation. Incorporating theory from positive psychology, he provided thought-provoking points to consider, gave participants time for small-group discussions in breakout rooms, and discussed our feedback once reconvened. Thank you, Sandeep!

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