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Our classes have moved to online delivery

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

At UBI, we are avoiding spreading COVID-19 by offering all our classes online. All is going fairly smoothly, at both UBI Brussels and UBI Luxembourg and everyone is raring to go to follow their lectures from home.

It also means that our offices have shut momentarily, and that visits are not possible, but virtual meetings can still take precedence, in the meantime.

So, how do students and staff cope with this enforced social exclusion?

Staff have reported they are enjoying teaching online and students have been responding in kind: although the online classes are an odd change to their normal routine, they have reported a continuation in the quality of the teaching offered, albeit with a handful of teething problems when submitting work online, such as using software able to reproduce complex calculations and equations. However, all is done to accommodate the new experience and people are slowly adapting to the new regimen while keeping indoors for most of the day.

At this time of year, it is possible to get a small amount of vitamin D by exposing face and hands to outdoor sunlight around midday, preferably on a clear day.  The Government has currently advised (as of the end of March) that those not classified as vulnerable can go outside for a daily walk or exercise outdoors if they stay more than 2 metres away from others. This is an opportunity to get some vitamin D. Spending time in their own garden may be another option for those who have been advised not to leave their home environment.

We are wishing our UBI community good health, and we know patience may be needed in the next few weeks to return to our usual practice of teaching and learning. Watch this space, as it may also prove to be a fruitful way to adopt new and exciting delivery methods!

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