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Dr Chris Henny discusses cyber security to expat community

Updated: Apr 30

On 12th May, Dr Chris Henny was invited to give a virtual presentation on the internations.org platform. The event, organised during lockdown, of course could not be presented in person, but was very well attended online, with a wide audience worldwide from the expat community. Just under a hundred people registered their presence during the evening talks of the Economic Immunity Forum. This was the second part of the Forum, this time concentrating on information security topics: 'as for most organisations, cyber security is linked to business growth. While most countries in the world are trying to deal with the pandemic, hackers have started to capitalise on the current situation'. Dr Chris Henny was requested to participate as a panelist on the topic of cyber security, a subject he knows particularly well, as he works as a consultant in maritime cyber protection for ships and ports and for the Airbus Defence and Space Satellite imaging department. He also participated on various EU initiatives and projects in cyber security in the past. His presentation 'Why should I invest in just in case (JIC)?' led the way to two other speakers that evening.

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