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Eric Elter and the Lasagners

Motivated by gratitude, UBI Luxembourg’s Eric Elter wanted to convert that feeling into action and do something to thank not only the medical personnel dealing with the coronavirus, but also all those people still working who make it possible to keep our cupboards and refrigerators full. As a freelance sound engineer, he enlisted the help of four singers across Luxembourg, giving them creative license to put words to his musical arrangement. The results represent the linguistic diversity of the small country, given that the lyrics are in Luxembourgish, French, English and Italian.

Eric also reached out to the Ministry of Health and the Sanitation Department of the city of Luxembourg, as well as others, to collect images to add to the music. Everyone got involved and sent him video clips of the city from their smartphones which he used to create the final montage. The finished product is a multicultural and multilingual music video. From start to finish, the goal of the project was to give thanks and Eric hopes that his video reaches his target audience – those people who are working and keeping local communities running during this difficult time of quarantine.

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