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Lecture Series: Charlotte Christensen

Charlotte Christensen, Executive Director at Fintocat, has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, founder, and mentor in international fintech companies. Much of her time has been spent in project-based management which makes her particularly qualified to speak to us on international project management.

We’re grateful for Charlotte Christensen and want to thank her for meeting with us, sharing her expertise, and making the event such a success! She introduced students to project management, explaining why it is important for them to be familiar with it, and briefly walked them through the five stages of a project. She shared anecdotes and experiences along the way, to help students see the relevance of each step and what can happen when things aren’t organised and don’t run smoothly. Thank you so much, Charlotte!

We would also like to thank the faculty and students for their attendance and participation. Your questions and comments made for an interesting discussion. Below is a picture of some of the early attendees. Next time we’ll have to take a picture at the end of the lecture as well!

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