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Lecture Series Begin!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Last Wednesday, UBI welcomed more than 30 attendees to our first lecture of the 2019 Lecture Series.

Dr Michele Galatola, currently a policy officer at the European Commission, has given an engaging lecture which was easily understood and accessible to anyone. Its main topic was how to evaluate for crucial strategy in the sustainability value chain in people’s own industry.

Amongst our audience members, the President of the Turkish Business Association brought honour to the occasion with his presence. UBI Prof. Giuseppe and Prof. Yalcin were also present. They showed keen interest in the lecture topic since sustainability has been an important issue in all industries and became the biggest task and challenge for all corporate entities.

Learning opportunities after graduation seems to be more valuable than ever. Everyone reported they enjoyed themselves immensely and even struck up new friendships.

UBI is looking forward to meeting everyone again, as well as brand new participants!

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