Section 1 Admission

Article 1  Undergraduate admission principles

United Business Institutes admissions policy is guided by the principles of transparency, fairness, and equality.

UBI endeavours to accept candidates whose records indicate that they possess the qualities needed to achieve academic success and who are willing to participate in the programme in the spirit of openness and tolerance.

Article 2 Bachelor Programme Admission Requirements

Prospective students who wish to enrol for the bachelor’s programme need to fulfil the following minimum requirements:

  • Possess one of the following diplomas (and grade transcripts) of secondary / high school qualification, or an equivalent of such qualifications:
    -  International Baccalaureat Diploma;
    -  General Certificate of Education (GCE) A Level;- Diploma Van Secundair Onderwijs / Certificat d’Enseignement Secondaire Supérieur.

  • Fulfil the ‘English Language Entry Requirements’ stated in Article 4;

  • Pass an admission interview. The interview could be face-to-face or through an onlinevideo conference platform, depending on the applicant’s location;

  • Provide a complete application form submitted along with the required attachments. The application form and related procedural information can be found at the UBIwebsite to UBI is selective and holistic. The Admissions Committee takes into account a student’s academic history, examination results as well as extra-curricular records and the quality of the admission essay in assessing his/her suitability for the programme.Admission, or rejection of the application, is dependent upon approval of the Admissions Committee on the basis of the application file.In the case of rejection, no appeal is possible.Article 3 Language of Administration and Language of InstructionThe language of administration and the language of instruction at UBI are English. The only exceptions are for specific language courses.Article 4 English Language Entry RequirementsStudents must have competence in English language and UBI requires Grade C in GCSE or an equivalent qualification. The most common English Language requirements for international students are IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL internet based 72. Other equivalent qualifications may be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Admissions Committee.

Education and Examination Regulations 2020-2021 4

UBI also offers an intensive academic English course (pre-sessional). Successful completion of this course would allow applicants to fulfil the English language entry requirement.

Section 2 Registration Regulations

Article 5 General

By registering, the student and UBI enter into an agreement resulting in rights and obligations for both.

A student registration is valid for one academic year.

UBI can cancel the registration in case of insufficient registrations, without liability to compensation other than a full refund of tuition fees paid.

In the event of fraud committed in relation to admission documents, the enrolment and all entailing decisions will be considered null and void, regardless of the period in which the act of fraud was discovered. Earned credits, if any, will be voided and any certificates or diplomas awarded will be reclaimed.

All students on a full-time, three-year degree must complete the programme within a maximum of six years from the time of initial registration in order to qualify for the degree certificate.

Article 6 Tuition Fees

The tuition fees and related invoicing details for the bachelor’s programme can be found on UBI’s website at

For students who fail to pay the tuition fee before the deadline, despite a reminder, UBI reserves the right to suspend the student, restrict his/her right to classes and / or participation in the examinations.

Such students may no longer have access to UBI’s Learning Management System (LMS), and any other UBI-related online applications. For the duration of the suspension, no credits will be issued for any modules. The suspension will be lifted when the amounts due have been settled.

Section 3 Study Programme

Article 7 Academic Calendar

The bachelor’s programme at UBI is organised according to a semester system. The academic calendar can be found at UBI’s website .

Article 8 Study Programme Structure

The bachelor’s programme has a study load of 180 ECTs.

All students follow a standard study path, and the standard study route contains 60 ECTs per academic year.

Education and Examination Regulations 2020-2021 5

The structure of the bachelor’s programme can be found on UBI’s website .

Article 9 Exemptions and Credit transfer

Students who have gained credits from a recognised university degree programme elsewhere are able to apply for a Credit Transfer. All such applications must be supported by sufficient official academic records and transcripts. Successful applications are dependent upon approval by the Admissions Committee. This may lead to module exemptions.

Article 10 Student Exchange / Transfers

UBI students may apply for an external transfer to another institute of higher education by making an official application to the Programme Director. Such a transfer may only occur for a maximum period of one semester, and is also subject to acceptance by the receiving institution. The student must complete the appropriate application form. The decision by the Programme Director is final and may not be appealed.

UBI students may apply for an internal transfer between UBI campuses by making an official application to the Programme Director. The decision by the Programme Director is final and may not be appealed.

Students from other institutes of higher education are allowed to apply to UBI for a semester of study, subject to approval from both institutes.

Article 11 Class Attendance

Class attendance for the bachelor’s programme is mandatory.

Students will need to provide evidence for missing classes. For students who are ill, this is in the form of a valid medical certificate that specifically states “cannot attend class” (also see Article 18).

If evidence is provided, the missed class is considered as an excused class. If no evidence is provided within three working days upon a student’s return, the missed class is counted as an absence.

A student will be barred from participating in any assessments, including examinations, in a module if the student is:

  1. absent from 5 or more class sessions (without an accepted excuse) in a one-session per week module; OR

  2. absent for more than 40% of all classes for a particular module, excused or otherwise.

These students are deemed to have missed too much information to suitably take assessments. The module will be recorded as ‘failed’ or dropped and students will be expected to re-take the module the next time it is offered at UBI.

To ensure the quality and effectiveness of lessons, UBI advises that students should be punctual. The module instructor has a right to not admit students into the classroom after 15 minutes from its start.

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