Article 36 Degree Classification

To complete the bachelor’s programme, students need to pass all modules within the programme, thereby earning 180 ECTs.

Students will be awarded two degrees upon completion of the bachelor’s programme: one from UBI that follows the Flemish system, and a Middlesex University degree that is classified under the British system.

For the UBI-issued degree, all modules in the programme with credits awarded will be included in determining the overall classification of the degree by the assessment boards. The weighting of each module will depend on the number of credits that the module carries.

UBI will issue a degree with the classification broken down as follows:

  • 85 – 100% Summa Cum Laude

  • 80 – 84%   Magna Cum Laude

  • 70 – 79%   Cum Laude

  • 60 – 69%   Cum Fructu

  • 50 – 59%   Pass 

  • 0 – 49%     Fail

For the Middlesex degree, classification will be finalised by the assessment boards and is calculated as follows: 30% of the average percentage weighted by credits achieved at ECTS level 5 (i.e. level 200 modules) + 70% of the average percentage weighted by credits achieved at ECTS level 6 (i.e. level 300 modules).

Middlesex University London will issue a Certificate along with a Diploma Supplement. Middlesex University Honours classification is broken down as follows:

  • 80 – 100%    First class

  • 70 – 79%      Second Class:Division one

  • 60 – 69%      Second Class: Division two

  • 50 – 59%      Third Class

  • 0 – 49%        Fail

Article 37 Progression

In order to pass a module and earn the credits for the module, students need to obtain at least 30% in each of the assessed major component, and obtain an overall average mark of 50%. A major component is any assessed work with a weighting of 30% or above.

For the bachelor’s programme, all students are expected to pursue 60 ECTS per academic year.

A student who fails 12 credits in an academic year will be allowed to progress to the next academic year, but will be placed under a mandatory study guidance programme.

A student who fails more than 12 credits in an academic year, up to a maximum of 36 credits, will be allowed to progress to the next academic year on the condition that the student passes at least 60% of the credits in the next academic year. If this is not achieved, the student will have to repeat the academic year (subject to approval from the assessment boards), or withdraw from the programme.

A student who fails more than 36 credits in an academic year, even after the re-sit examinations, will have to repeat the academic year (subject to approval from the assessment boards) or withdraw from the programme.

Article 38 Module Pre-requisites

Certain modules may have pre-requisites (for the list of pre-requisites please see the module narratives). A student who fails these modules may not be permitted to attend the related subsequent modules. The assessment boards have a right to waive the pre-requisite requirements at its discretion.

Article 39 Exit Qualifications2

For the bachelor’s programme, a student who is unable to or is not permitted to progress to a higher level may, depending upon the number of credits successfully achieved at the appropriate level at the time of exit, qualify for one of the following awards issued by Middlesex University:

  • Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education: at least 60 ECTS credits gained at level 4.

  • Undergraduate Diploma of Higher Education: At least 120 ECTS credits gained at level 4 & 5.Students should be aware that once an exit award has been conferred, they are no longer eligible to receive the award of a Bachelor of International Business Management (Honours) degree from Middlesex University.If a student holding an exit award decides to complete the bachelor’s degree programme at a later date, he/she will only be able to do so by surrendering the exit award previously granted and reapplying for admission to the course.

Article 40 Borderline Cases


In the consideration of borderline cases for a failed module, the assessment boards reserve the right to apply Compensation at its discretion. In order to be eligible for Compensation, a failed module must be between 45% and 49%.The assessment boards apply Compensation on a case-by-case basis in consideration of the student’s entire academic profile. The boards must be convinced that the academic profile of the student is strong enough to warrant such measures. Compensation can be applied only once per academic year with a maximum of three times over the whole programme. Decisions regarding compensation will be made in the second assessment board of each academic year.Upon the approval of the assessment boards, the failed grade may be “compensated” and a pass mark (50%) awarded.

Degree Classifications

When a student is on the borderline between two degree classifications, the assessment boards will deliberate whether to move the student into a higher category or maintain the classification indicated by the marks.

A borderline candidate is defined as one whose classification falls within the ‘window of opportunity’, i.e. within 2% of the next category of award available, before any rounding has taken place.

The ‘Exit Velocity’ principle, outlined below, is considered by the assessment boards when discussing borderline cases on the basis of a candidate’s performance:

Exit Velocity: Where a student’s classification falls within 2% of a classification boundary (before any rounding is applied), the assessment boards shall consider the candidate’s performance in the final year of study. Where the student’s final year average is in the higher classification band the assessment boards shall normally award the higher class of degree.

A student’s academic profile, such as whether he/she has any previous record(s) of academic misconduct, will be considered.

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