Student Testimonials

Business can be a very dangerous game… but it can be much safer if you know the rules. At UBI you will find a new form of international education; one that is “elite” oriented instead of being simply fashionable.

Pierre DELAGNES | France 

The open, team-oriented, professional environment has given me the confidence I needed to tackle any business situation, and to persuade others about things I feel are most important.

Kari STRÖM | Finland 

Choosing a school has a direct impact on your future. I was looking for high standards, an international environment, and an opportunity to develop my own personality. I found it all at United Business Institutes.

Christophe SAUTTER | France 

What I really like at UBI is that all teachers concentrate on solutions rather than problems. We have the opportunity to work together on real-life management situations, and to share our experiences. That’s Learning!

Nitza RACHMAN | Israel 

My dream is to combine a great career in Business with my passion for travelling. Therefore, I was looking for an international diploma in order to fulfill my dream. UBI was the place to start the process!

Jens ROHRBACH | Germany 

Both friends and education are important in life. But UBI will give you that and a lot more.

Alex J. KLEIN | UK 

This Business School excels in its ability to motivate us, and provide a comprehensive business programme in a practical-oriented way.

Alcid JOSEPH | Dominica 

I wanted an american education. I found it “next door”. In Brussels. And I believe this combination will have a high impact on my future.

Dmitry SERGEEV | Russia 

My ambition is to succeed in Business, International Business. At UBI they are giving me all the necessary tools to achieve my goal.

Ho-Sup YUM | South Korea 

American business philosophy and European tradition. Both concepts work really well together! Moreover, I have learned that the professors were relying a lot on the students as much as you can rely on them.

Lukasz NIEDZIELSKI | Poland 

After graduating at Webster University, I was offered a General Management position in Brussels. But, I felt I needed a specialization in International Business – an MBA. I looked into several options, and settled for UBI because they have the professors I was looking for.

Ignacio ARCAYA | Venezuela 

I chose UBI because the teaching they provide is result-oriented. I feel as if I could immediately use what is being taught in class ! Think about the difference there is between dreaming and taking ACTION!

Yuhong Helen HE | China 

I went to University in the U.S. (Santa Monica College, CA), because I wanted to experience the “American way of life”, or should I say “of studying”… The experience was great! Then I came back to Belgium and I am completing my studies at UBI-Brussels.

Filip VAN THUYNEN | Belgium 

What’s impressive is the expertise teachers have in their fields and how they tie it to academic theory.

Josephine WHITE | USA 

An excellent curriculum and new friends from everywhere will be crucial elements in my future success.

Igor Zyrianov | Russia 

Why UBI? Because we are coached by top level Professors, and work on solving problems with the most recent management techniques. Also because UBI is continuously pushing students to become leaders.

Sofia BOBAK | Honduras 

When I discovered UBI, it became clear to me that it was high time I got into the fascinating world of international business.

Jules TCHUENTE | Cameroon 

Teachers here are true professionals, and they can really communicate. The atmosphere is great, and so international! That’s what UBI means to me

Stephane KUMPF | Switzerland 

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