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Human Resources

Human Resources

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Graduate +

Today’s business world is changing at a very fast pace and employers are looking for people who can adapt themselves to these ever changing and diverse situations. Companies are investing more and more in people with different educational backgrounds and job experience, making the human resource function critical for achieving competitive advantage.

Graduate +

The course examines the importance of attracting the best employees and discusses best practices for selecting employees. Furthermore, it focuses on the critical phase of integrating new employees into the company through socialisation and orientation programmes. Joining the course will allow you to: Describe the characteristics of job markets; list and compare various methods of screening candidates. Outline and debate the usefulness of interviews in various settings. Search relevant information to determine the supply of internal and external candidates; draft effective job advertising. Independently design and conduct effective interviews; plan and implement the process of employee selection. Plan for personnel placement according to candidate profiles and job descriptions.

Graduate +

Session 1. Introduction and overview

Effective recruitment

Visible and hidden labour market

Internal and external sources of candidates

Session 2.

Forecasting the supply of internal and external candidates

Advertising for employees

Session 3.

Screening the candidates

Session 4.

Types of interview

Interview guidelines and content

Session 5. Designing and conducting an effective interview

Session 6. Socialisation and Orientation Programmes

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